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Birthdate:Apr 16
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America
This is an experimental blog reboot to see what this offers over LJ, if this can replace or complement what i do on LJ.

This is also the possible beginning sparks of a brand reboot. Since 2002 i've been known online as darknote and i identify with it pretty deeply. In the past several years, however, a progressive death metal band has taken that same name and is gaining momentum and popularity. Having a unique brand is very important to me, so I'm giving serious contemplation to retiring my identity of darknote, switching to this handle which i have already used at times in rare circumstances, and revamping my personal website, email address, &c to reflect either this identity or simply mendel lee.

Interests (77):

always discovering something new, audio/video engineering, boggle, bondage, classic video games, closed captioning, complex heavy metal, composition, continually learning, cuddling, cycling '74, ddr, doctor who, drum corps, electronic music, electronica, erotica, experimental music, extinction chess, flirting as an artform, four against five, futurama, green lantern, homestar runner, homsar, iidx, in the groove, indoor drumline, interactive music, irregular phrase structures, irregular time signatures, jim butcher, kuroneko-sama, leonard shelby, liquor, love, lust, macintosh, marching band, max/msp, memory, microtonal music, new art music, nicholas wolfwood, non-alphabetical interest lists, non-linear conceptions of time, not wearing a wrist watch, number two bass drum, omaha 8 or better, open fifths, pat lawlor, percussion, pinball, poker, polyamory, polyfidelity, polyrhyhtm, prolific, pushing sexual fulfillment boundaries, quite interesting, sexuality, shigeru miyamoto, slide chokes, sound design, sound/absence of sound, south park, spicy food, stephen fry, steve ritchie, steven brust, teaching, thunderstorms, two plus two publishing, vash the stampede, video game history, vlad taltos, which doesn't seem possible
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